Hello folks! A quick personal introduction of myself – my name’s Lewis, I’m from the fairer side of the Atlantic, up in bonnie Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m just entering my final year of undergraduate Neuroscience in University of Edinburgh having just come back from a very amazing exchange year in MontrĂ©al, studying in McGill where I met Kye, with whom I spent many evenings:

(a.) jamming and making sweet music.

(b.) talking about sweet neuroscience.

Seeing as (a) is a little hard to do now he’s returned to the U.S and me back to the U.K, we settled that we would continue (b.) in blog form as a grand way of keeping in touch and share it with you all here on this blog.

So why neuroscience? I entered university to read philosophy, and though whilst I’m now in the biomedical sciences, I still maintain that I never left: the science of the brain brings up more questions than it answers, and there is a satisfying humility to be studying something we know so little about (and frankly, may never resolve).

Still, no harm in trying! I have a more molecular and psychological background, being particularly intrigued in notions of madness and how we deal with that pharmacologically, the placebo effect and the neuroscience of music.

I am also involved in Science Communication work for kids (i.e. being silly in the name of science) and spend the rest of my time playing the fiddle, travelling and wandering when will I ever catch up on my reading.

Anyway, hopefully this will be the start of something moderately-to-highly informative, fun and interesting, at least for ourselves.